Chat Excerpts from Encopresis Expert: Topic – Working with Your School Nurse

Hear Nurse Shelly Dean provide expert responses to questions from parents and nurses regarding how to effectively work together and with the school to help children with encopresis.

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  1. As a school nurse, how can I most effectively help a child who has encopresis and is experiencing pain and other issues?
  2. What are some general tips for talking with school nurses?
  3. As a parent, how can I best explain to teachers that encopresis is not my child’s fault?
  4. How do I get my child to talk with the school nurse and/or other adults about her encopresis when needed?
  5. How do I help the school best understand my child’s situation?
  6. How do parents and school nurses best collaborate in the care of encopresis for children?
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